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Li'l Crafters ... what we are all about!

Li'l Crafters is a process-based art, craft and messy sensory play class based in Marrickville.

We run mixed-aged pre-school sessions ranging from babies to big kids nearly ready for school. We don't have a minimum age because we believe that creativity and curiosity should be nurtured from day dot  ... and really, why should the big kids have all the fun?

"I want to go to Li'l Crafters now! I like painting with my hands. Actually, all the painting is my favourite! And I like sprinkling yellow and orange and pink glitter. Heather does a good job."    - Mabel (3)

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Monday  Li'l Crafters (preschool classes) 10-11am at Burwood library

Friday   Li'l Crafters (preschool classes) 10-11am

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How we roll

The sessions often look like just a bunch of cool kids and their grown-ups hanging about having some crafty fun, but there is actually some method in the madness! SSHHHHHH dont tell the kids, but the programmes are designed to help them with their fine motor skills, learn about colours, shapes, size, proportions, using space, taking risks, sharing, working independently and in groups ... also to build confidence and connections and some days just to feel mighty proud of themselves!

Grown-ups are invited to sit beside their li'l crafter to help, support and be their very own paint and glue passer. This is a very important job but also a nice opportunity to just have a little chat and enjoy doing an activity together.

"I started taking my daughter to Li'L Crafters at the beginning of 2017. Thanks to Heather's positive guidance, well thought-out and highly creative lessons, I have watched my daughter blossom from a reserved child who had a fear of sensory play to a social butterfly who enjoys the fun of art and craft."      - Melissa (a Li'l Crafters mum)

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What to bring

You don't need to bring anything. We supply materials and provide aprons for your crafters, but I highly encourage you and your kiddies to DRESS FOR MESS. Wear your old daggy stuff, please - we don't want the kiddies to have to be careful as  this just stifles their creativity!

Lots of families run off to the park for lunch and a play afterwards so it's always a good idea to bring snacks and sun hats (I know: when do we go anywhere without snacks and sun hats??).

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