Oobleck Sensory Play

If you've never experimented with this goopy goo, then hold onto your hats, ladies and gentlemen ... you are about to experience one of my favourite, most simple sensory set-ups eva! Oobleck is not only so easy to make (with only 2-3 ingredients) it's also super easy to clean up, manages to sneak in a bit of science and entertains the li'l ones for more than a minute! I know ... sounds too good to be true, right?!


Lets do this ... all you'll need is:

  1. Cornstarch

  2. Water

  3. Food colouring or water-based paint ( optional)


Mix 2 cups of cornstarch to 1 cup of water - I like to mix it straight into the container that you will use to play with it in.

Add your food colouring or a squeeze of your coloured paint to the water before mixing the water into the cornstarch.

Using a wooden spoon or your hands, mix the two ingredients together until you have your desired consistency. Add more water if you like it to flow more easily through fingers, or less water for more of a challenge.

The thing with Oobleck is that its a non-Newtonian fluid. That means it turns from solid to liquid with movement. For example, pick up a chunk of solid Oobleck, squeeze it tightly and it turns into a liquid!

When we play with our Oobleck tubs at Li'l Crafters sessions, we love to add small toys, scoopers, silicone cupcake moulds. plastic dinosaurs, colanders and wire racks for excellent dripping!

When you're finished playing, just hose out the tub in the backyard or rinse in the sink with loads of water to dilute the mixture.

Go forth and goop, my friends!!


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